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With the huge sign-up bonuses, continuous rewards, and even better odds, it’s hard to think of a day when a bookie may close the door in your face. But that’s the thing. As much as bookies are willing to welcome you with open arms, they are also even more willing to get rid of you when you do not toe the line. Let’s look at some things you must avoid if you want to avoid facing this turn of events:

Fake accounts

Illegal Registration

Have you ever lied about your age or location when joining a site? Many people do this. People under 18 years will pose as adults to get their hands on some good odds. At other times, people will lie about their location because gambling is illegal where they are. In essence, it means that you should not be accessing the bookie’s services, and doing so is in violation of its terms and conditions. It’s possible to remain on the site, pay via digital currencies and even withdraw your earnings without getting caught. But the day the bookie is on to you, there’s no way out, and you will end up losing your account.

False Registration Details

Sometimes, punters try to cut corners by providing false papers when verifying their accounts. For example, if a bookie wants to make sure you come from a licensed region, they can ask for a utility bill. It’s quite easy to get one made using fake details and posing it as a legit document. Again, you can always get away with it. However, if in the future you are unable to provide the required information or the bookie comes across some oddities, you can land in trouble. In this case, you have to consider two options. If the information was falsified by intent, you will have to make do with losing your account. However, if you made a mistake when entering your details, you can contact customer support and get this sorted.

Bonus Reliance

You probably know a punter who rarely uses their money to place wagers. Here’s the thing- many bookies often offer rewards to attract and keep their clients. Some punters use these rewards to place wagers, and as soon as they run out of bonus points, they stop playing and wait for the next reward. It looks like a great tactic, but as soon as the bookie realizes that you are not bringing in money, they will kick you out.

Duplicating Accounts

Have you ever wanted to make some quick bucks and decided to kill two birds with one stone? Well, in this case, you would be using two stones to kill one bird by opening more than one account with the same bookie. It makes sense, does it not? Consider a man who opens another account using his wife’s details. On paper, this looks like a great idea. However, some bookies frown upon such activities and may flag such an account.

Most bookies focus on the IP address, and if they figure that two accounts share such an address, it may be a cause for concern. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. If they state that a household can only have one account, please stick to that and avoid losing both accounts. While at it, disclose your online gaming sites to other people in your home to ensure you don’t end up getting flagged owing to mutual interest. You may find that someone else also likes using your bookie, which could raise concerns in the future.



What would you say to a person who promised you a profit on your wager regardless of the outcome?
While there is no guarantee for this, there’s an easy way to secure a win. Here’s how it works. You make two bets on the same event using two sites. On one site, you hold out for one outcome, and on the other, you bet on the opposite result. The difference between the odds is your profit. Of course, you can always make a mistake and end up losing. However, most punters who try this method often end up making good bank.
Bookies take on different perspectives when it comes to this form of betting. Betting exchanges may even encourage it because it does not eat into their profits. However, you’ll find that the terms and conditions often prohibit such activities on online gaming sites. Even so, some people still do it and get away with it for a long time before the bookie finally catches up with them. To be safe, only arb on sites that are not strict about such wagering.

Using Betting Software

Most bookies take issue with punters who use software to get ahead in their wagering, as this can increase your chances of winning. If you insist on using such programs, find a way to ensure that their use does not show up on your betting activity. Otherwise, you will probably lose your account the first time the bookie flags your activities.
Cheating will also land you in hot soup. It’s only in rare cases that you will lose your account because of winning big. However, you may face some limitations once you become a frequent winner, and you can rest assured that the bookie will have an eye on you.
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