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Have you ever had your account limited or come across someone who has been through this? It happens more often than not, and it owes to one main reason: online bookies are only successful if punters lose more than they win. It’s pretty simple. If you have a winning streak or are dealing in big wads of cash, you might find yourself facing one limitation or the other. Bookies are in it to make money, and if you’re eating into their profits, it’s only a matter of time before they limit you. Let’s cover some of the ways you can get limited and reasons why this can happen:

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Types of Limitations - Account Closing

Your bookie can decide to close your account. Often, the closure accompanies a reason for the closure. In some cases, the reason may be laughable, but they will still enforce the closure based on their terms and conditions.

Withdrawal Limitations

You may also face challenges when withdrawing your earnings. As you try to reach customer care and send emails to the bookie, you may wake up and find that they have frozen your account pending further investigations.

Wagering Limitations

If your bookie realizes you are making it big, they may decide to limit how much you can wager in some leagues. It will be much harder for you to make good money with such limitations, and punters often resort to playing in other leagues.

Betting Market Limitations

Did you know that bookies can omit some markets from your page? You can log in and find that the specific market in which you’ve become a pro is no longer visible. It’s the bookie’s way of forcing you to play in markets where you are more likely to lose.

What causes limitations?

Unfortunately, bookies can close or limit your account based on flimsy reasons. However, let’s cover some common ground and take it from there.

Abuse of Offers

All bonuses, rewards, and promotions come tied to some terms and conditions. But truth be told, how many people go through these terms before using the bonuses? Do you? It’s high time you started reading between the lines. Bookies use these rewards to attract new clients and to keep existing customers happy. However, if they notice that you often rely on promotional offers to wager or only use bonuses to wager, you will be in trouble. They will realize that you stand to gain more than they do.


Have you heard of this term? It drives bookies to the point of limiting and even closing accounts. Some punters refer to it as arbing, and it pretty much means the same thing. Here’s how you do it. If two events have highly different odds, you place a bet on each outcome. It’s much easier for you to win such a wager than it is for you to walk away empty-handed. You can imagine what the outcome is for the bookie- they are more likely to get on a losing streak. They will limit you or shut you down as soon as they spot you.

Multiple Accounts

You may figure that if having one account puts you under much scrutiny when you win a lot, having two or more accounts is the answer. It’s an easy way to exploit the bonuses, increase your wagering limits and earn more money without raising eyebrows. However, if a bookie is on to you, they will shut you down as fast as they can prove you are using such tricks. Keep in mind that they have dedicated departments to check who’s trying to go around their systems.



If you’ve got the number-crunching down to an art, you are likely to bet amounts such as $50.59 as opposed to $50. A bookie’s system will flag such a wager as it is likely associated with a professional gambler who has mastered the system. Take an example of a punter who uses arbitrage to get ahead.

Are there any other reasons you can get limited? Yes. Anything from ignoring promotions to how much time you spend on the site to hedging will have the bookie on your case. Figure out what makes you a target for limitation and address it before you lose your account.

Stay safe!
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