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Hello readers, and welcome to our online gaming website, where we provide you with resources to guide your gaming career and/or hobby to help you get the most out of your wagers. By sharing informative resources and helping you keep up with trends, we want to foster an environment where you can grow your gaming skills. We offer everything from where to place your wagers, new tricks to earn more winnings, how to stay safe when gaming, and even how to avoid getting your account banned or limited. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop of all goings-on, and we hope you will feel more confident about your betting strategies. Let’s start with who we are:

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I’m the dreamer of the group; at least that’s what they all say. How can I not be when in my free time, all I can think of doing is building castles in the air? But that’s not what I want to talk about in this section. Instead, I want to tell you how I got into online gambling. While other kids were figuring out how to tie knots in the grass or hit each other with water balloons, I was busy organizing wagers. You remember back in school how kids would arrange to meet after class and settle their scores? I’d be the kid betting with my friends on the outcome. Back then, the prize was gummy bears, and it was such an honor to win. Now, I’ve moved from candies and converted my home office to a gaming haven. If I am not busy betting on which team is coming out on top, I am competing in one e-sport or the other.


Most people talk of how they got into gambling and quit their 9-5 jobs. You have probably heard about this. But before you roll your eyes, yawn, and mumble ‘next,’ hear me out. My case is different. Yes, I gamble professionally and have scored amounts so big that I’ve been able to invest in things I never thought I could. But instead of leaving my job, I stayed. You see, I work in finance, and numbers intrigue me. The more I crunch those numbers during the day, the easier it becomes to figure out what statistical measures I’ve ignored when placing my bet slips. So no, you don’t have to quit your job when you make it big. However, it depends on how you feel about your job. I love mine, and I doubt I’ll walk away anytime soon. Now is a good time to mention that I did leave my job and start my company where I still put in 8 hours a day.


What do you do with two degrees, an unbelievable amount of college debt, and a mortgage to top it off? You add more risk to it and gamble your money away! I’m just kidding. I did start betting with all these things going on, but I started slowly but surely to the point where I could pay off some of my debt with what I was making from wagering. I’ve now cleared most of my debt, put up some investments, and I believe I’m a sterling example of what wagering can do for you if you are serious about your strategies.

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We want you to understand gaming from the inside out, giving you a new perspective on what can quickly become a lucrative career. By testing the new methods coming into the market and combining this with our experiences, we have learned what works, what’s a fad, and what’s here to stay.
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These and other topics will grace our site, and you will have more than enough resources to kickstart your career. Whatever you can think of related to gambling will be covered in all its aspects. You can think of this site as your go-to for all things gambling. Thank you for checking out our site, and we hope to see you in the comments sections soon! About limit accounts