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Every punter wants to maximize their profits. You already know how it works. First, you find the best bookies for the market you like the most. Then you filter the bookies based on region, reputation, payment methods, and other determinants. Finally, you set your eyes on the odds and ask yourself where you can get the most competitive odds. Let’s Let’s look at what odds comparison is, where you can get the best rates and why this is important:

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What is odds?

What is odds comparison?

If you’ve been wagering for a while, you know that bookies often offer different odds. For example, let’s assume we have a tennis match between player A and player B. On one site, the odds for player A may be 1.50, and on another, their odds may be 1.80. The 0.30 may not look like much, but this disparity makes all the difference when you get down to it. For example, if you wager $100 on site 1 and win, you win $150, but in site 2, you get $180. Odds matter.

Secondly, let’s assume you want to place an arb bet. It requires a lot of calculations to place two bets on different sites. Arb bettors must look at the odds, calculate their percentage payouts and the expected profits. If they match their requirements, they can now place the bets. Odds matter a great deal, and a slight difference could keep you from making it big in wagering.

That’s why so many punters compare odds and spend a lot of time going through websites to see who has the best odds. They want to maximize their winnings. However, comparing the odds without any help can be challenging. Truth be told, there is no way you can compare all the odds on the market. It would mean spending hours doing nothing else but checking what each site has to offer. By the time you finish comparing odds for one event, the first odds you checked may have changed.

What’s the alternative? Odds comparison sites.

Why are odds comparison sites important?


Can you imagine how much time you would spend going through all available sites trying to find the best odds? Do you even know how many sites there are for any given market? It would be hectic, and the sacrifice might not even be worth it. Instead of hassling, you can always rely on a third party to do all the digging.

Higher Winnings

All punters want to make more money, and an easy way to do this is to get the best odds in the market. Whether you are placing an arb or normal bet, you want to ensure you get the most competitive rates in the market. With the data at hand, you will have an easier chance of doubling or tripling your money than if you stuck with one bookie.


Over time, as much as bookies often change their odds based on the market and the event, you’ll begin to see a pattern. You may notice that some bookies have better odds compared to others. For example, for football, Ladbrokes, Unibet, and bet365 often take the lead, with other players having less competitive rates. Depending on your market, you may choose to stick with the sites that offer the best and worst odds to make your arb bets even better.


Let’s be honest. It would be impossible to go through all sites and figure out what each option entails. Additionally, understanding how many sites operate in your choice of market and region can be overwhelming. A comparison site will have all this data available, taking the bulk of work off your hands.

What sites can you trust?

Many site operators now understand that punters have come to appreciate a variety in their odds. To keep up with this increasing interest, they now offer odds comparisons. However, not all of them are accurate or varied. Here are some excellent options to consider:


This site has been around for a while, and if you’re looking for experience coupled with professionalism, it would be an excellent place to start. It covers bookies across the globe and has the major markets covered down to an art. Whether you want to bet on golf, football, or even table tennis, it has some figures for you.

Easy Odds

Getting odds is one thing, but understanding how to use them is another in entirety. This site further breaks down some betting tips and how to best use bonuses and promotions. Also, while there is no such thing as a sure bet, this site has some strategies that can help you greatly enhance your chances of winning.

Odds Shark

If you want to run some stats before putting your money on the line, this site can be beneficial. It covers major markets and shows odds from top bookies. The fact that it covers the odds live makes it great for a punter who wants to make decisions on the spot.


The details on this site make it easier for you to understand what each decision would spell for you. It covers the major sports from volleyball to tennis to handball and has some of the most reliable comparisons you will find in the market.


With tens of bookies listed on this site, you can trust it to be up to date with market trends and odds. Thanks to customization options, you can filter your bookies based on betting markets and sports offered.

Bet Brain, Best Betting and Bet Monitor are other sites you can try out as you explore more options.

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First, you need to open multiple accounts with different bookies. Please note that this means having one account per bookie and not duplicate accounts with the same site. Else, you can end up getting banned from a site. The essence of this is to spread your luck and use the data from the sites to place bets on different platforms.
For example, if platform 6 and platform 2 have the best odds on a Saturday, you can place your wagers with them. Then on Sunday, maybe you would place your bets with platform 3 and platform 1. Arb bettors can take advantage of these real-time values, maximize their profits, and even have more guarantee of not losing their money. Even when you are not placing arbitrage bets, you can still benefit from having additional help.
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