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Suppose you only have $10 to wager, but you want to win a ridiculous amount of money. As much as arb betting can help you win a good amount, it does not yield high amounts with low stakes. So, how can you make the most out of your small wager? By using an accumulator bet, otherwise known as an acca bet! It helps you combine several events, thereby accumulating their odds, and ending up with a much higher possible winning. If you use good strategies and apply some statistics, you can end up turning your $10 to $1,000 or even more.

Most people who use acca bets do so for the maximal winnings. Plus, there’s the thrill factor you won’t get from singles bets. You see, with a singles bet, you have your eyes on a few possible outcomes. If you guess right, you win. That’s it. But with an acca bet, you have to win on each event to get good money. It’s exhilarating, and it keeps punters coming back for more. And the final advantage is how you can quickly turn anything as low as $5 into $500 with just one bet. Let’s break down how this works:

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How Do Acca Bets Work?

It might look like these bets are highly complex, but in reality, they are some of the simplest bets to explain. True, it’s much harder to win such a bet, but placing it does not require much for the learning curve. You see, when you place a single bet, you bet on an outcome related to a single event. For example, if team A is playing against team B, you can bet that the result will be a draw. However, with an acca bet, you bet on more than one outcome as long as the options are not related.

For example, you can have three events- team A vs. team B, team C vs. team D & team E vs. team F. From this, you can see that these are all independent events, and the outcome of one will not influence that of the other. Thus, you can bet on team B winning, team D drawing, and team F losing in one bet. If you place a wager of $10 and the odds for the three choices are 1.78, 2.48, and 5.21, your expected winnings would be ($10*1.78*2.48*5.21), which would be $229.99. If you compare this to what you would get from one single bet, you can see that the profit gained from an acca bet is much better. If you want to get even higher returns, you can increase the number of events. Take the example of another event with team G vs. team H with odds of G winning at 3.45. If you added this to your ticket, you would get ($229.99*3.45) which would be $793.46.

It seems like a great deal, does it not? Now, here is something you need to know, which first-time acca punters often don’t realize. All your predictions must be correct for you to walk away with the $793.46 or another amount you expect to win. So, if you bet on the four outcomes above and get three right, you lose. It’s a considerable risk, but if you get it all right, you will smile all the way to the bank.

Please note that tickets with two or three selections are not really acca bets. Instead, these are doubles or trebles, respectively. Accas start at four picks, and most bookies allow you to make as many as twenty selections in one slip. Can you imagine how much money you would get from such a bet slip? Sure, the risk would be high, and the returns would even be higher.

How To Place An Acca Bet


Now that you understand what’s at stake here, let’s break down the wagering process, which is also as simple as the math. First, you need to decide on which market you want to wager on, e.g., tennis. Then select what outcome you expect, such as which player will win. Make your selection and check if it reflects on your bet slip. Now you can add other choices. In the end, type in how much money you want to wager. You will now see your expected winnings. Double-check to make sure all your selections are correct before submitting the slip. Please note that while all sites have a similar selection method, you may find that some offer other options to make the process more interesting.

Once all the events have taken place, you will either be hollering at your phone, unbelieving of how much money you just earned, or will be back to the drawing board to figure out how to win next time. Sometimes, it’s both!

Can you increase your chances?

Yes! Like with any other bet, you will have numerous chances to increase your winnings. Let’s consider your options:

  • Offers & Free Bets: Bookies are always offering some bonuses and rewards to their players. Instead of footing the wager by yourself, take the additional help.
  • Insurance: If one outcome lets you down, you can get your money back if you have taken out insurance on the bet. It likely will not be in cash form but will be good enough to reduce your losses.
  • Start Small: It’s easy to get carried away with the huge winnings. However, until you understand how acca bets work, avoid placing too many outcomes on one ticket.
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Can You Place Acca Bets?

Almost every site has an acca bet option. To get the most out of any site, keep your eye on the odds and make sure you’re getting the best deal. You can always use odds comparison sites to figure out which bookie is giving the best rates. However, with acca bets, you cannot jump from one bookie to another because the bets need to be on a single site. That said, you can try wagering on:

  • Bet Victor- not only does it have good odds, but it also offers punters acca insurance, enabling you to lick your wounds if things do not work out as planned.
  • William Hill- you will get amazing offers as a new and returning player, plus acca boosts, bonuses, and insurance to help you stay in the game.
  • Bet Fair- have you heard of the acca edge? Using this tactic, you can reduce your odds and gain some insurance, reducing your risk. Keep in mind that acca bets often have a high-risk factor tied with their high returns.
  • Paddy Power- with mixing and matching options, you can spread your risk while taking advantage of this site's bonuses and insurance options. Which other site allows you to do this?

You can always get good deals on other sites as long as you practice diligence and keep your mind and eyes open. All the best!
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